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Transform with the Folding Islands - Space-efficient, multi-functional furniture at SPACE san diego

Folding Islands

These flexible and mobile solutions offer both unique storage and functionality.

The unique 28-hinge works in concert to provide almost 12 square feet of work space with a parquet design top and two shelves that fold or unfold within seconds. All models come fully assembled and can fold to just a 5" thin profile. It tucks away almost anywhere, providing immediate availability to its many uses.

Several models are available ranging from a smaller 20" x 16" parquet top to the more typical 24" x 24" top with some oversized tops available. Functional variations are provided to permit the storage of up to 8 wine bottles, wine glasses and even knives. Most models are available in either all natural wood or stainless steel frame plus wood horizontal surfaces.

We can also offer a folding desk measuring 36"W x 24"D or a folding table measuring 40"W x 25"D.

Click here to download a specifications sheet. (PDF format)

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